outdoor voices

Mobile App Concept


By freeing fitness from performance and bringing play back into everyday life, OV is building a community of Recreational Enthusiasts who believe #DoingThings - moving your body and having fun with friends - is the surest way to a happy and healthy life. Outdoor Voices is looking to channel its unique outlook on fitness into a mobile application that encourages the growth of their online OV community, allows users to access live and on-demand fitness classes, and expands its lifestyle brand.


UX & UI Designer


2wk Sprint


Figma, Miro, Notion


Business Analysis • C+C Analysis • User Interviews • Affinity Mappning

What is a "lifestyle brand" anyway?

Lifestyle brands seek to inspire, guide, and motivate people, with the goal of their products contributing to the definition of the consumer’s way of life.

Checking Out the Competition

Outside Stories - Outside Actions - Outside Friends. Be an Outsider


Our voice, our community, our business, can do something about the climate crisis. 

We believe sweat has the power to bring people together. 

These brands have values that run deep and are embodied in every aspect of their company. Similar to OV, there is a focus on sustainability, community, and fitness. Patagonia, L.L. Bean, and LuLuLemon respectively do a great job with one aspect, but all three fail to effectively integrate these values in one place. This is the gap in the market OV and our team sought to fill.

What do users have to say?

"Being a part of a community can encourage me to achieve my goals." 

"I want to develop an active lifestyle because it has more benefits than just physical fitness."

"I have a busy lifestyle so it's can be hard to find time to fit activities in."


"I seek out a variety of activities when it comes to fitness."

Common Themes


Goal Setting



Persona • Problem Statement • MVP's


What types of "wellness" classes would interest the Outdoor Voices user?

What interactions can be implemented to create a sense of community?

How can users monitor their goals and their progress? 

 Our users need a way to be motivated TO achieve their wellness goals because they lead busy lives and find it hard to stay accountable TO A ROUTINE ON their OWN.

Key Features



Sketching • Wireframes • Mid-Fi Prototype • Usability Testing • Hi-Fi Prototype

Working through solutions, visually.

Usability Testing Insights

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 4.44.18 PM.png

• users were confused

by indicators and icons

• expected icons with clearer icons that were easer to understand

• users were not interested in interacting with metrics while streaming the live video

• comments took up too much space

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 4.44.48 PM.png

• usernames were missing on posts

• users expected to see some sort of caption to add motivation and access likes/comments


clickable prototype

High Fidelity Clickable Prototype