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I'm Arianna


As a seasoned UX designer, I've been bringing my passion for design, art, and education to my role at WEX since 2021. My background in studio art, focusing on graphic design and photography, along with art education, has given me a solid understanding of how humans perceive and interpret visual information.

Transitioning into UX felt like the natural progression of my career. Throughout my diverse experiences, my guiding principle has always been to prioritize people. As a designer, my main goal is to create meaningful, practical, and inclusive experiences that have a positive impact on users. At WEX, I concentrate on payment solutions and have played a crucial role in developing a comprehensive enterprise design system.

But when I'm not at work, you won't find me sitting still. Whether I'm exploring the coastal beauty of Maine with my partner and our two dogs, teaching myself how to knit, or perfecting my at-home barista skills, I'm always up to something. 

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